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Many people think that skin diseases are minor problems and can be repaired by self-medication. It is not that simple. If the wrong medicine is used, the treatment may be delayed, and psoriasis may worsen.

Change medicines frequently

Some patients with psoriasis are eager to treat the disease. After a few days of treatment, they change the medicine when they see no effect. It is known that the “absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination” of the treatment in the human body also takes time. Frequent changes will not be effective in controlling the condition.

Use multiple medicines at the same time

Many patients think that numerous medications can speed up psoriasis recovery. However, this is counterproductive. Most remedies for psoriasis have the same effect, and the use of these treatments at the same time will repeatedly stimulate the disease, causing drug resistance, thereby affecting the curative effect.

Excessive dependence on hormone medicines

Hormone medicines are among the most commonly used medications for psoriasis treatment. These medicines often have powerful immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory effects. However, excessive hormonal pills can cause adverse reactions and damage internal organs in the long run. Once stopped, the disease will be aggravated. Therefore, patients should use the treatments scientifically under the doctor’s guidance.

Increase the dosage by themselves

Many patients with psoriasis will encounter this situation. Seeing conditions getting worse, they naturally want to take more medication to stop them from getting worse. But this is a big mistake. Finding out the cause and prescribing the right medicine is the priority when the disease worsens.

Superstitious folk remedies

Some people often believe that “magic doctors” or “magic formulations” can cure their diseases. The words “secret recipes from the ancestors”, “folk prescriptions”, or “old Chinese medicine” are still seen everywhere on the internet. Unfortunately, many people still believe such magical things by spending large amounts of money causing family destruction.

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