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Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. Most of the vitamin D in the human body is obtained by the exposure to ultraviolet radiation while only a small part comes from food.

Although the effect of vitamin D on psoriasis is still unclear, relevant studies suggest that the body can use vitamin D to enhance or mediate the metabolism of calcium and phosphate, which promotes the body’s absorption of calcium and bone salt metabolism, makes calcium ions reach a certain level, enhances the density of capillaries, reduces or alleviates allergies, and thus achieves the effect of controlling inflammation.

So, what foods can supply vitamin D to help us treat psoriasis? There are very few food varieties containing vitamin D in the natural world.

The main source of vitamin D is animal-derived ingredients, such as fish, eggs, and cheese. They contain higher levels of vitamin D, but is relatively poor in lean meat and nuts. However, vitamin D can be synthesized by sunbathing, making up for the shortcomings of the lack of vitamin D in food. In addition to ingesting vitamin D to treat psoriasis, we also need certain medical treatments to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. When choosing an ointment, it is recommended not to choose those that contain hormones.

The hormonal ointments have good effect at first, and the skin lesions subside quickly. However, the side effects are serious. Particularly, if you use large doses and improper withdrawal may cause an outbreak of the disease, which is called “drug withdrawal”. It can also be understood as a rebound. If you must use hormone drugs, you must use them in moderation under the guidance of a doctor, because hormone drugs are easy to cause hormone dependence. We all know that the use of hormone drugs is easy to relapse after withdrawal, and the symptoms are more serious. Experts recommend that psoriasis patients must use these medicines with cautions! Best not to use!

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