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Psoriasis usually occurs on the limbs and head. When the skin lesions on the head spread to the neck and face, they will cause double troubles to the life quality. Many patients used to have negative emotions and try to avoid or delay, making them miss the best period for treatment.

Patients with psoriasis on the face should pay attention to the protection of facial skin lesions. Do not scratch the skin lesions on your face with your hands. Peeling off the skin will only stimulate psoriasis and worsen skin conditions. Patients with facial psoriasis should keep in mind not to wash their face with raw cold water. It is best to use cold boiled water mixed with some freshwater to keep the skin moist and soothe the skin.

Facial psoriasis patients should be careful not to neglect the cleanliness of pillow towels and pillowcases in their lives. The pillow cover should be changed once a day or two, and the pillow cover should be changed and washed once a week. Because the pillowcase is directly in contact with the face, it is easy to get dirty things such as mites, dust and dandruff. For patients with facial psoriasis, the pillow cover often comes in contact with the skin of the face. If you wash your face without changing the pillow cover, face washing becomes meaningless.

Here are some tips for patients who use cosmetics.  If you must use them, choose more natural oil contained ingredients and avoid irritating ingredients with hormones. However, some natural oils can irritate, so consult with a sales representative before you purchase. More sun exposure has many benefits for ordinary psoriasis patients. However, the acute stage is generally the most common for patients with facial psoriasis. Therefore, long-term direct exposure to sunlight can easily cause burns to the facial skin and aggravate the condition. So try to avoid it.

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