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The researchers have found that psoriasis has a specific relationship with the endocrine, especially in female patients.

Sex hormones and psoriasis

Most female patients with psoriasis will find their condition changes during pregnancy or menstruation. Medical research believes that many hormone receptors, including sex hormones, can provide a material basis for immune regulation. Sex hormones can regulate the action of antigens, which directly affects whether the immune response can work as usual. In addition, sex hormones can also regulate the apoptosis of immune cells, preventing the immune response from being too active and helping the body establish an immune tolerance mechanism. When sex hormones change, it is easy to cause abnormal immune function and induce psoriasis.

Insulin and psoriasis

Studies have shown that patients with psoriasis are highly likely to have strong insulin resistance. Insulin is the only hormone in the human body that can lower blood sugar. It plays a vital role in sugar decomposition, fat metabolism, and protein synthesis. Patients with insulin resistance are prone to elevated blood sugar and diabetes. Diabetes can cause microvascular disease, make the skin insufficient blood supply, damage the dermal tissue, and induce psoriasis.

Adrenal cortex hormones and psoriasis

Modern medicine has found that patients with psoriasis generally have insufficient secretion of adrenal cortex hormones. Adrenal cortex hormone is a hormone secreted by adrenal medulla cells to regulate the central nervous system. It can excite the nerves and increase the body’s resistance to the outside world. When the secretion of this hormone decreases, it will reduce the body’s ability to perceive external stimuli, weaken the immune system’s vitality, and lead to immune abnormalities, thereby providing the possibility for the onset of psoriasis.

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