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Studies have found that psoriasis patients have a higher probability of secondary cardiovascular problems because of poor microcirculation, high blood lipids, and high blood viscosity. So how should psoriasis patients prevent cardiovascular issues?

Adjust your diet

Try to consume healthy food such as eggs, vegetables, fruits and grains and avoid highly processed foods and food high in oil, salt, saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acids. Coffee is fine if it does not affect your sleep quality. Of course, definitely no smoking.

Water drinking   

Water is recommended to drink a few times with a small amount each time. Try to avoid soft and cold drinks. Soft and cold drinks can increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, which is not conducive to psoriasis recovery. At last, avoid alcohol consumption (beer, liquor, wine, etc.) .

Doing exercises

Doing exercises can promote blood circulation in the whole body, promote food digestion and absorption, and help repair skin lesions. Regular body massage (be careful not to irritate the rash area) can increase blood flow on soft tissues, improve body microcirculation, and reduce other problems. Doing foot lifting exercises can increase blood circulation, relax your lower body, and reduce the risk of varicose veins.

Reducing stress

Stress can harm the body and worsen skin conditions. There is no need for psoriasis patients to worry. Even though psoriasis is stubborn, it can be effectively controlled when scientific and systematic treatment methods are applied.

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