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In real life, patients who have psoriasis are not uncommon. People of all ages are prone to suffer from this disease, especially those with lower physical fitness and allergic physique, are more likely to develop psoriasis. Psoriasis is very harmful. Although it is only a skin disease, when the condition occurs, the skin will have severe itching symptoms, which will seriously affect the everyday life and work of the patient. Over time, it may also induce some mental illness.

Why do patients with psoriasis have itching symptoms?

There are many reasons for the itching symptoms of psoriasis. The main reason is that the patient’s skin is often dry. When scratching, the hard fingernails peel off the thin epidermal layer of the skin surface, exposing the dermis layer, making it vulnerable to various skin types. Bacterial infections cause inflammation of the skin.

At the same time, the fingernails also damage the tiny nerve fibers in the dermis, leading to the nerve fibers producing slower frequency nerve impulses which then causes the nerve center of the cerebral cortex to feel itching. So, stop scratching using your hand.

What should I do for the itching?

Topical Chinese herbal medicine

Patients can apply peppermint or soak in water to relieve the symptoms of itching. At the same time, they can also use some Chinese herbal medicines to boil water to cleanse the affected area’s skin. It can effectively alleviate the symptoms of itching and is conducive to improving psoriasis, which can play an adjuvant treatment effect.

Diet therapy

Soup with mung beans and pears not only has anti-inflammatory effects, but also can nourish the skin and relieve the symptoms of dry skin and itching. Patients are encouraged to take micronutrient and vitamins to stabilize the cell membrane and inhibit the release allergic reaction substances.

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Rub ointment

Applying some anti-itch ointments that do not contain hormones. Although creams having hormones can temporarily relieve itching, they will aggravate the patient’s condition.


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In terms of hygiene and cleaning, it is necessary to appropriately reduce the number of baths and avoid scrubbing during bathing. Warm water is recommended for bathing as hot water will damage the sebum film on the skin surface, making the skin drier and aggravating itching. Patients should choose loose cotton clothes as much as possible, and the clothes should be kept clean and tidy to avoid bacterial infection.

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