Story Behind Beaucon

BEAUCON (Beautiful + Confident), collaboration of modern science and traditional Chinese medicine and Western herbs, is our skin friendly shampoo and conditioner.  Patients who suffer from psoriasis and eczema or other skin problem, could not use normal shampoo and conditioner, and their itchiness could get worse when using wrong products.

The BEAUCON hair care series is based on over sixty years of rich experience in dermatology hospital, developed by doctors from the University of Queensland, and carefully formulated by experienced Australian cosmeceutical formulators. It is manufactured under TGA certified GMP conditions in accordance with mandatory regulatory aspect including CTFA/ICID listed ingredients guidelines.

Our team rely on tradition and trust the science. Traditional Chinese herbs have been a fascination for centuries, and their uses never fail to hold high value scientifically. BEAUCON’s secret is blending Traditional Chinese herb extracts with time-tested western botanicals to generate powerful body and skin regeneration mechanisms. It is friendly for people with skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, scalp, etc.

We value family and friends, and our loved ones were the first to test our products before launch. This way, we know that everyone can trust the quality, safety and of course, effectiveness of our formulations.

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