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Black fungus is extremely nutritious and beneficial in the treatment of psoriasis, but many people don’t know it. What are the specific effects?

·  Moisturise the skin

Black Fungus can moisturise the skin of patients with psoriasis. Black fungus is rich in iron; eating fungus can nourish the blood and the skin, relieve itching, and prevent iron deficiency anemia.

·  Prevent dry and cracked skin

For psoriatic patients with severe skin lesions, eating black fungus may prevent bleeding caused by dry skin. This is because black fungus contains vitamin K, which can maintain the blood clotting factor in the body at a normal level, thereby reducing the pain caused by dry and cracked skin.

·  Speed up detoxification

Black fungus can help patients with psoriasis expel toxins from the body. Black fungus has the function of helping to digest fibrous substances, dissolving and decomposing toxins in the body, and is very suitable for psoriatic patients who work in the chemical industry, textiles, and mining.

·  Enhance immunity

More than 87% of psoriatic patients have lower levels of microelements in their bodies than ordinary people. Black fungus contains a lot of nutrients such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, carotene and vitamins. Eating more black fungus can effectively supplement the content of microelements in patients with psoriasis, so that the physique of patients gradually normalise.

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